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Sensei Jonathan Hémond

Kyokushin Karate

3rd Degree Black Belt
Owner and Head Coach of Karaté Laval




- 3rd degree Black Belt in Kyokushin Karate - International Federation of Karate - IFK
- Vice-President of IFK Canada Kyokushin Organization
- Corner, Centre and Chief Referee

- Coach of the IFK Canada Technical Committee for kata and grading




- 24 years teaching experience in Kyokushin Karate
- 21 years competitive experience in Knockdown Karate and Kata


Senseï Jonathan Hémond has been practicing martial arts since 1992. His evolvement within Kyokushin Karate began in the organization of Shihan Daniel Gauthier (8th dan), President and Founder of QKG (1992-2014) and KIAI (2012-2014).


Moreover, Senseï Jonathan was an IFK member from 1995 to 2007. Following the launch of his dojo, Karaté Laval (2015), in collaboration with Sempai Dominic Duclos (1st Dan), Senseï Jonathan and his team joined IFK once again in 2015, under Sensei Steve Fogarasi (4th Dan), IFK Canadian representative.


Senseï Jonathan began his studies under Shihan Richard Barbeau (5th dan) for two years in Montreal East. Then, under the direction of Sensei Christian Hébert (3rd dan), he was able to manage the school for nearly two years. Following a reorganization of the dojo in Montreal East, the pupils were transferred to the school of Karate Shihan Gaétan Sauvé (5th dan) Vice President QKG, located in Rosemont in Montreal. Subsequently, from 2003 he was head teacher and senior assistant in the HQ dojo 2008-2014 with Shihan Daniel Gauthier. From January to april 2015, Sensei Jonathan trained with Shihan Joseph Addesso (5th dan) in the IKO Mas Oyama karate organization.


From his yellow belt (6th kyu), Jonathan has participated in many competitions, both in kumite and in kata.


Senseï Jonathan Hémond trained with Shihan Daniel Gauthier for several years, and he joined the Laval HQ dojo of Master Shihan Daniel Gauthier in order to perfect his skills and his knowledge as a karateka. In 2004, Jonathan passed his test for shodan (black belt, 1st dan) and in 2006 he passed his nidan (black belt, 2nd dan). From 2009- 2014 Senseï Jonathan C. Hémond was in charge of the elite team "TEAM Gauthier" in collaboration with Sempai Sebastien Grignon (2009-2010) and then with Sempai Johanne Fournier and Sempai Gerald Finn. Master Shihan Daniel Gauthier had passed the examination of sandan in june 2011 (black Belt, 3rd dan) to Senseï Jonathan C. Hémond to crown 23 years of passion, loyalty and unconditional love for his work in Kyokushin karate.


Since May 2015, Senseï Jonathan Hémond founded his dojo, Karaté Laval in collaboration with Sempai Dominic Duclos (1st dan). Moreover, the Karate Laval dojo is affiliated with IFK CANADA in collaboration with Sensei Steve Fogarasi (4th dan), IFK Canadian representative.


Following his involvement and contributions in IFK Canada, the executive board nominated Sensei Jonathan C. Hémond as Vice President of IFK Canada and coach of the Technical Committee kata and grading test in collaboration with Sempai Mici Fogarasi (Secretary General - IFK Canada) and Sensei Mikhail Zimerman (Chief Referee - IFK Canada) for the kumite.